The Evolution of Soul R &B Music


The style of music which is called soul R&B music was introduced during the fifties which is a kind of music where musical instruments are used and electrically amplified. The first instrument used in this type of music was the guitar and soon followed by playing of an instrument fed into an amplified but now accompanied by a soloist. Then electric bass guitars gradually replaced the stand-up bass by the early nineteen sixties. The use of electric organs and keyboards came later on.

After this the gospel soul music which is church music became very popular among the black congregations in America and this combined gospel music and rhythm. What is characteristic of this type of music is that it has a chorus sang by a group as a response the what the lead vocalist is singing.

Soon artists began to develop funk soul which has the fervor of southern gospel and hard-driving energy of R&B but still distinct from it by its passionate gospel-tinged singer, punchy horns, chicken-scratch guitar, and tight rhythm selections. In deep soul the singer tends to have more prominent gospel influences than those in southern souls but the music sounds essentially the same.

Blue-eyed soul or white soul is R&B and soul music performed by a white artist. It used to be that radio stations playing R&B played only music by black artists but soon some station began playing the music of white artists which is considered to have soul feeling and they were given the name blue eyed soul.

The social and political ferment of the times then inspired some artists to a slick and commercial blue-eyed soul acts and achieved mainstream success as did a new generation of street-corner harmony or “City-soul”.

Going on the nineties and to the new millennium saw R&B like many genres gain influence from technical innovations of the time which were incorporated in their music and comprised of machine-made sounds and instruments. Now they also use many effects including auto-tune and new computerized synchs that have given R&B a more futuristic feel but it still maintains the common themes of the genre like love relationships. In other words, the evolution of the genre’s production and instrumentation have spurred the successes of performers today.

Today, the practice of one of the most important music genres of the twenty century is R & B/soul. Thanks to the influence of R&B, it has now opened many avenues for current pop music fields including hip-hop.

In conclusion we can say that music is a cross-cultural universal activity found in every popular human culture. And therefore it seems reasonable to suppose that music preferences are shaped by psychological disposition, social interactions as well as exposure to popular media and cultural trends. Take a look at this link for  more information.


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